10 – Barbie Dolls After The Party

Barbie Dolls After The Party

(Jumping For Joy)

This is just an outline and will be rewritten to add more details such as dates, names, and descriptions.


Fate said, “You WILL have a company!”


The Family pitches in.


I’m learning marketing, P.R. Software development, packaging, sales, installation, tech support, owner’s manuals, copyrights and poor man protection.


Hubbard Law Offices.

The Family Sending Out Brochures


The second demonstration that spring was to a staff of about 40, nurses, doctors, and biotechs, in Blythedale Children’s Hospital in Valhalla, New York.  This hospital cares for children with fatal disease and disabilities.


After the demonstration had concluded, I was performing my usual question and answer session, when one of the nurses asked if a patient of hers could try the system.  As always, I encouraged it.


While still answering question, I heard the sound of an electric wheel chair approaching form behind.  This has become a familiar sound to me over the last several years.  I completed my answer and turned to greet the patient.  I was stunned.  It was a beautiful young girl, about twelve years old, who had been born without any arms of legs.  She had a bright ribbon in her hair and a bright smile to match.


This picture to me was incomprehensible.  Here was a young girl that was masking taped into a wheel chair, as she had no legs for ballast to keep her upright.  I was reminded of a toy doll, a month after Christmas, when there was nothing left but a head and torso.  I was overwhelmed that a person could live with so few body parts.  What was even more unexplainable was the happiness and vibrant smile.


We put the input devise on her head and she immediately began using the system.  I tried to instruct her with “Now, if you… That’s right!  And if you… You got!   Now…  That’s right.  She was performing faster than I could explain.


She quickly went to the environmental control software, located the simulated living room, click on the lamp and selected on, faster than we knew what was happening.  The demonstration lamp switched on.  The young girl jumped in her chair, and began smiling.  How someone taped into a chair, with no arms and legs could jump, is still a mystery to me.


I looked over to the attending nurse, and she was crying, along with several other nurses in the front row.  I asked the nurse why she was crying, and she explained that she had been treating this young girl since birth, and this was the first time in her life, she was able to turn on a light for herself.  She didn’t have to cry for help.  Hence the jump for joy.  I immediately excused myself to the privacy of the parking lot, again.

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