Alien Time Hits #5 On Amazon!

Lon’s newest book just became his newest bestseller when it hit #5 on Amazon.

“Alien Time” There’s evidence that aliens have been visiting our planet for centuries. Some even think the world’s governments are hiding alien crafts, technology, and even their bodies.

On a hot summer day in July, of 1947, outside of Roswell, New Mexico, a “weather balloon” crashed into Mac Brazel’s ranch, or so we’re told. The story of what that rancher found differed greatly from the official report issued by our United States Air Force.

What really happened at Roswell? Is there an alien craft and two alien cadavers being kept secret at Area 51? Were the contents of that craft really responsible for mylar, the integrated circuit, CMOS image sensors, and the Steal Bomber technology?

With our nearest neighbors circling our closest star; Alpha Centauri at 4.37 light years away, how could it be possible for any civilization to each the earth? That’s 25,633,092,000,000 miles away!

All these questions and more are answered in the best short story of its time, “Alien Time”.

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