Facebook Shores Up Its Position on Fake News Front

Facebook Shores Up Its Position on Fake News Front

By Peter Suciu 

Facebook on Thursday announced new tactics to reduce the spread of fake news. Its efforts will include combining technology with human reviewers to identify and remove fake accounts; partnering with fact-checkers; and promoting news literacy.

Facebook will expand its fact-checking programs to new countries, scrutinize photos and videos more closely, and increase the impact of fact-checking through new techniques that could include identifying duplicates and using Claim Review.

It will monitor repeat offenders more closely and take actions as necessary. It will undertake new efforts to improve measurement techniques, and partner with academies to provide greater transparency. (more…)

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Organic Innovation

In this article, I am going to make you look at innovation as if it were a living organism. From the very moment of its conception, inspiration, innovation, thought, idea, and invention each takes on a life of their own. This concept is out there, radical, and unusual, but if you want to think with a higher level of innovation, you have to change the way you think.

To that end, I wanted to share this idea, concept, or new life form with you in the hopes that you will become infected by it and help it spread, reproduce, and flourish. (more…)

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Are Gift Cards A Scam?

Are Gift Cards A Scam?

Do you like sending gift cards?  Do you like to receive them?  More so, do you like spending them?  I love amazing (and Amazon) gift cards!  So, does everyone else!

Last year, Americans spent $146 billion on gift cards, which represented nearly 5% of ALL retail spending in the U.S.  There was an estimated $26 billion spent on gift cards just during the last year holiday season alone. American shoppers spent an average of $153.08 on gift cards.

In a recent survey, 93% of Americans surveyed said they have given a gift card.  Why, because it’s easy for the giver and the getter can get whatever they want.  No more ugly knitted sweaters from grandma, Disney branded Snuggies, Christmas ties, or something with the name George Foreman on it.  What I am saying is, “no more returns”.  We no longer have to celebrate “National Returns Day:” or as the Brits call it, “Boxing Day”.  We get exactly what we want and someone delivers it to our door. (more…)

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You need to look at these amazing innovators who share their historic insights in their own words.  Learn why Biz Stone created “Twitter” or Matt Mullenweg created “WordPress”, or Pete Cashmore created “Mashable” or how Gary Theurk sent the world’s first Spam email 35 years ago. Read the stories from top executives at Microsoft, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, BlogTalkRadio, Flickr, MySpace, and Yelp. Read the thoughts from top authors like Robert Scoble, John Arnold, Evo Terra, and Michael Gerber.  There’s even an interview with Vint Cerf, the inventor of the “Internet”!

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The Process of Innovative Thinking

The Process of Innovative Thinking

By Lon S. Safko. Article is provided courtesy of Financial Times Prentice Hall (Pearson Publishing)

Innovative Thinking is very popular right now—and for good reason. Corporate America is beginning to realize the importance of Innovative Thinking and how it allows us to be leaders in world technology by being more creative and competitive. Innovative thinking is what enabled companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Nissan to take huge market share from industry leaders such as General Motors and Ford, who somehow lost their capability to innovate (while most U.S. automobiles were made by hand, the Japanese employed robots). While U.S. autos were getting 16 miles per gallon (MPG), the Japanese autos were getting as high as 30 MPG. Their cars were efficient, inexpensive, and reliable. Even today the Japanese continue to surprise us with innovation: check out the Lexus LS 460, which parallel parks itself.

Innovative Thinking is about more than retaining or growing market share; it’s about creating new products and services, discovering new markets for existing products and services, and improving existing products and services, which all result in greater revenues. Innovative Thinking isn’t limited to the tangible; it can be applied to systemic issues, human resources, product delivery, market channels, sales, marketing, public relations, finance, ecommerce, web design, and even advertising. (more…)

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You May Just Be In The Dark About Generational Behavior

You May Just Be In The Dark About Generational Behavior

Can you define the following major generational marketing categories: 13th Generation, Me Generation, Echo Boomers, Chief Friendship Officers, Selfie Generation, Radio Babies, Baby Busters, Tweennials , and DINKs?

If not, then you may just be in the dark about generational marketing behavior.  THis should really help you and please remember to share tis with others. (more…)

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This Isn’t Your Father’s Social Media

This Isn’t Your Father’s Social Media
Communication Has Dramatically Changed

The days of being excited and celebrating “social media” has run it course.  Over the past decade plus, social media came into it’s own as the leading way to communicate for sales, customers service, transactional, spam, and for personal connection.

Over the past three years, social media has become less and less effective as a communication tool.  Using digital tools today has become much more complicated than ever before.  Just having a Facebook page, a profile on LinkedIn, or sending out a few tweets no longer cuts it.


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Why Does November Suck As A Selling Month?

Two things, which you won’t read anywhere else…

Nearly all of Europe and the U.S.’ buying public lives north of the equator.  Remove India, which doesn’t buy from us, and everyone else is north of the equator.  June 21st, we begin our trek to the shortest day of the year.  On November 30th, we are only 21 days away from the shortest day all year.  As the length of the day shortens, we get less sunlight and our bodies receive less ultraviolet light.  UV when it hits our skin, creates Vitamin D.  So, the less sunlight, the less Vitamin D.  Also, the shorter days interferes with our circadian rhythm.  When it gets dark earlier, we feel it’s time to go to sleep.  Consistent, artificial light has only been around for less than 150 years in our more than 2.5 million years of evolution.  So, our brains think we need more sleep and we deprive it.  It’s the same signal that makes bears, mice, and other mammals hibernate. (more…)

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World’s First SPAM Email

World’s First SPAM Email

Link To Gary Theurk Interview

Email from Gary To Lon Regarding “The World’s First SPAM Email”

Hi Lon,

I did not save it, but all the early research info on the ARPAnet was digitally archived. It came to light when one of the old programmer & researcher from SRI wrote an article on “unsung hero of the InterNet”, for PC WORLD magazine.

Some one who I was working with came into work with the article and started asking me about it and my role in this event. Then the gig was up ! ! !

I have not been successful in reaching any of the recipients of that first e-spam, except Vint Cerf (co-inventor of the Internet), but I have talked to may who had heard about it.

Here is the very first Spam message ever sent, below.

Gary Thuerk (more…)

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12 – Excalibur And The Holy Grail

Excalibur And The Holy Grail

This is just an outline and will be rewritten to add more details such as dates, names, and descriptions.

We then entertained a $250,000 cash placement in exchange for 50% equity, with a French gentleman, Alain Clente, of the Asha Corporation, a developer of a 4-wheel drive automobile he sold to Chrysler. (more…)

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