The Social Media Bible Company Reference

Now is the time for all good men & women to come to the aid of their party!

The project is now finally underway with John Wiley & Sons to produce the largest book ever written on Social Media, called The Social Media Bible.

The book contains three parts; the first part is an overview of all of the social media components and their history. The third part is how to apply social media to a company to increase revenues. And, the middle part, a reference which is the largest part, are profiles on all of the social media participating companies. Companies like Jott, WordPress, Twitter, Yahoo!, and LinkedIn will be represented in this huge directory / reference bible.

We want every company that has contributed in any way to the Social Media Ecosphere included! I need help finding and contacting all of them! I don’t want to miss a single one. Let’s put the value of our own trusted networks to work.

PLEASE, text, twitter, Jott, blog, call, and email this to everyone you know! We want every Social Media technology that should be in the guide, in the guide!

This is the link to the on-line form where each company can input their basic information for the profile:

The initial web site has only just been set up and is really under construction. This site can be found at, and my background is at

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact me at

Please, help us to be sure that everyone is included.

Thank you!

Lon Safko & David Brake

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Largest Virtual Event In History

Extending The Experience Through 3D Advertising…

On Saturday afternoon, March 15th, I was one of the guests of honor at this year’s American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. The event was like many other events I have attended in the past. The room was a modern elegant theater style auditorium, the podium was strategically set on a lavishly decorated stage with large screens at either end of the stage. While I sat in one of the many comfortable director chairs set on the stage for the guests and speakers, I could see my partner Linh Tang and several of our designers sitting in the audience. I could hear the D.J.’s background music playing one of my favorite Beatles songs, and the M.C. at the mic repeating the infamous pre-show “testing, testing, testing”, sound check mantra.

I watched the nearly 400 attendees filing and flying into the theater rushing to find just the right seat with the best view of the stage; and that’s when it happened. I heard someone yell, “I think were crashing! We’re going down!”. At that very moment, everyone froze; literally. The number of attendees (or avatars), exceeded SecondLife’s computer capacity and we crashed their servers. Second Life was down… (more…)

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The Social Media Book Survey Results Are In

The Social Media Book Survey results are in and finally available for download!

Thank you for your patience through this process and especially for participating in the first of two steps in development of the Social Media Book Project.Familiar With Social Media

As we begun working on the Social Media Book Project we realized that we were onto something bigger than the standard 250-page business book that most publishers punch out by the hundreds. The feedback and level of participation in the initial survey was more than double and nearly triple the usual participation Content Connections sees when they survey a standard business book idea. We had nearly 1,000 people assist us in the creation of this new book so far! (more…)

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TSA Speaks & Now Listens…

TSA No Joke Zone SignI really wanted to share this recent Social Media success story I heard on “On The Media” which is broadcast on National Public Radio (NPR). This was an interview with Bruce Schnier, security specialist speaking about the T.S.A. (Transportation Security Administration). A recent poll showed that our beloved TSA has tied for last place as the “most hated” federal agency. Guess who they tied with… Yeah, the IRS.

This success story is actually about our government using cutting edge technology to communicate with us. This is worth repeating; our government is using cutting edge technology to communicate with us… (more…)

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Social Media: “Will It Blend”

Will It Blend - Tom DicksonThis is another great example of Social Media Viral Marketing at its best and WII-FM (What’s In It For Me). I am often asked when I speak, “How can I create a video, blog, web site fish food, that will become viral and spread on its own?” The answer is always WIIFM. There always has a “What’s In It For Me” or “What’s In It For Your Customer”. In many cases it’s a white paper with value, a take-away, or in this case the WII-FM is humor or entertainment.In this video Tom Dickson, President of BlendTech a manufacturer of consumer blenders blends a brand new iPhone! (more…)

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Social Media: Subway verses Quizno’s

QuiznosSubwayHere’s a terrific and fresh example of the power of  “User Generated Content” video on YouTube and iFilm.  Like a lot of Social Media Marketing, this video had some unanticipated results, both good and not so good results. (more…)

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Social Media: At Work

Men At Work SignI just met with Don Mock at here in Phoenix. This is someone who really understands the importance and effectiveness of using Social Media as a key component in their corporate marketing and sales strategy plan. Don explained to me that he has recently implemented a blog site for each of his Jobing job categories and that the most recent one he has created was for Construction/Trades. (more…)

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Should I Pay To Work?

Should I work for free?  Should I pay to work?  When an event coordinator or a conference promoter asks me to speak fro free they’re asking me to to work for free.  Worse off, if they expect me to pay for my own expenses too, they’re asling me to pay to work!

They’re asking us to share 20 to 30 years of marketing knowledge to their audience so they can make a profit on their event and expect us to either work for free, or worse, pay to work.  I also agree that sometimes, not getting paid to speak is OK.  My rule is if the event is non-profit, free, to raise money for a good cause, I will consider it.  If the promoter is charging the audience, he’s paying the speakers of I don’t play.  I also agree with the term “exposure”.  It can pay off, but often doesn’t.  Exposure is a by-product for us all, including the promoter for their next conference.

It’s also amazing how many desperate people there are there who jump at the chance to speak for free just to “hawk” their consulting services.  There’s one group out there doing 150 conferences around the country with more than 400 speakers willing to present fro free.  In nearly every case, the promoter get’s what they pay for.  And when the promoter says, we have a rep from Microsoft, or Google speaking for free, I ask them if that rep “clocks-out” for the presentation and doesn’t get paid for that day or are they still on the corporate payroll.  That’s not free, they’re still getting paid. (more…)

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Journey To The Home Land

Last Friday I got a unique opportunity to travel back to the Holy Land. Being a computer geek and developer for the past 20 years, I am of course, referring to Silicone Valley, Mountain View in particular. I got to fly out and meet with Google at their headquarters in Mountain View. Talk about Déjà vu!Lon At Google Headquarters When I walked onto the Google campus, I had a total flashback to 1987. No, this wasn’t like a 1960’s flashback. This is when I started traveling back to visit with Apple Computer in the eighties. Google so reminded me of Apple in the old days. The college campus look, the industrial college type buildings with their stark Ikea type furnishings, and even the college age employees all in their jeans and sweatshirts. Only the logos on the shirts had changed over the last 20 years. (more…)

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Social Media Book Survey Update

The Social Media Survey Is Off To A Great Start! But, still needs your help.First Social Media Logo (more…)

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