A Virtual Presence-tation

Even though the economy getting better, the corporate hatchet people are still going after the training and education budgets.  Honestly, when times are the  difficult do you really think this is the best time to attack morale and eliminate necessary training? (more…)

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How Fusion Marketing Can Help You Plan Events

If you’re an event planner then my newest bestseller “The Fusion Marketing Bible” was written especially for you.  I understand that being an event planner that almost everything is your responsibility.  You handle everything from print ads to sponsor promotion, signage to web pages, registration to speakers, name tags to programs.  Understanding Fusion Marketing will really help you organize and maximize your marketing efforts.

Fusion Marketing is a simple to use system that allows you to look at everything you can do with traditional media, digital media, and social media, analyze it’s R.O.I. (Return On Investment), identify the most effective tools, and fuse them together so one tool leverages all of the other tools for maximum effectiveness.  The best way to explain it is to show you how to use it. (more…)

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You Get What You Pay For… Free Speakers

Like everything else in life, “You get what you pay for!” If your speaker is free, then they are probably worth every penny.

Speakers who speak for free don’t benefit bureaus, event planners, other speakers, content experts, associations, and especially the audience.  There are several problems with getting a presentation from someone with a company name (draw), for free.  

The Fortune 500 Free Speaker

First and foremost, they aren’t working for free.  They have full time jobs working for their respective companies.  Their company will pay their way, their registration fee, their hotel, their meals, their cab fare, their airfare, and their payroll.  Are they taking personal time or vacation time off to speak?  No, they aren’t presenting for free, they are getting paid, only from their employer. (more…)

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The Value Equation

In marketing, one brand is always trying to outwit, out advertise, and out spend its competitors, often costing millions of dollars to build their brand equity or brand value.  It’s because, the better we recognize a brand, the better we relate to that brand, the higher the value that brand has in our minds and the safer we feel purchasing that brand. The higher the brand value in the minds of the consumers, the more those prospects will purchase that brand, generating greater revenues for that brand company.

Brand value is in the mind of the customer.  It’s no more than a perception.  Change the perception and you change the perceived brand value. (more…)

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The Conversion Equation

Everyone is looking for a secret equation, secret formula, the secret sauce, the Holy Grail in marketing, especially social media and digital marketing.

Hint:  There is NO secret formula!  There are some rules; however.  There are a few formulas you can follow to increase your probability of success.

Sales and conversion are psychological concepts.  The question of “how can I retain, convert, and ultimately generate sales from a prospect or customer is a soft science.  Psychology is a soft science.  Psychology doesn’t work the same way as physics or engineering, where 1 + 1 always equals 2 or the diameter of a circle is always the diameter times Pi.

Psychology uses terms like probability and graphs like a bell curve to determine the probable outcome of a given set of psychological data.  Retention, conversion, and sales are all part of this soft science probability. (more…)

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eMarketing for the IT Professional

Hand At KeyboardeMarketing Requirements for Search Engine Marketing – Printed with permission from Frank Fiore.

A little over a year and half ago, I wrote an article for InformIT entitled “Is Your IT Staff Giving You the Business”. Briefly, the article took the position that the online channel should be treated like any other marketing channel; it should be planned, designed, and marketed by business people, leaving the building of the infrastructure to the IT staff. Not the other way around. The article created quite a stir and the discussion board was hot with debate. Business people and IT professional took sides and had at it. (more…)

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Flashlights And Roller Coasters

(Innovators Rules #10 & #11)Rollercoaster

From the last story we realize two more important Rules of being an Innovator; Rule #10: Don’t Force Your Product Into One Category and Rule #11: The Roller Coaster Ride.

Rule #10 is easy to forget but important to remember. If you aren’t constantly aware of this rule, you could miss out on market segments you never thought of and like in the examples below the missed markets were larger than the original markets. And, of course when I say “markets” I mean “revenues”.

Rule #11 is a rule you can never forget about. Being an Innovator is getting up every morning, driving to the Innovator’s Amusement Part (your office), and stepping on that roller coaster ride for another 12 hours of excitement.

Here are the next two Rules of Innovation…


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Chicken Or The Pig?

(Are your Cheap, Committed and Self-Confident?)Chicken


In the last installment of our Innovators story we saw three new Rules of Innovation emerge; Rule #7: Innovators Are Cheap, Rule #8: Commitment Versus Contribution, and Rule #9: Embrace Your Self – Confidence.

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Organic Innovation

Organic InnovationHere’s an observation I made the other day about innovation, ideas, thoughts, and invention. It’s out there, but I wanted to share it with you.


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The First Virtual World – The SenSei O.S.

SenSei Circa 1987Over the weekend I was doing some research for my upcoming book on ‘Social Media, The Impact On Your Bottom Line’ where I am collaborating with Chris Heuer, Founder of the Social Media Clubs worldwide and Robert Scoble, the famous Microsoft Blogger and “Scoble-izer”. I was asked what my first experience was with Virtual World’s or Virtual Environments similar to Second Life. After thinking about my history in the computer industry since it started in the mid ‘70’s, I came upon an epiphany. The first virtual environment I ever came across was the one I invented! (more…)

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