Bangkok Had Me

Bangkok Had Me
#BangkokHadMe01 Acient Temple

In the movie “The Hangover 2”, when Teddy was lost, all the people the main charaters met (even the Interpol police officer) kept saying “Bangkok has him now”.

For the full affect of this story, be sure to play this 1984 music video in the background; “One Night In Bangkok”, by Murray Head. (more…)

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Lon Safko Discovers The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

“Tombstone of Jacob Waltz – The Lost Dutchman”

This story begins nearly two hundred years ago, however; my story starts in 1994.


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Lon Safko – PBS Television Special

Lon Safko – PBS Television Special “Social Media & You…”

Email Lon Safko, Speaking, Training, Consulting (more…)

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Top 50 Mobile Marketing Statistics

…It’s All In The Numbers!

Here is a list of Top 50 Mobile Marketing Statistics I scoured the web for.  I think you will be surprised when you read these and keep in mind…  These numbers are increasing everyday! (more…)

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Lon’s Returns From Teaching In India!

For my second trip around the world in six weeks, I went to Hyderabad, India to teach advanced marketing at The Indian School of Business.  There were 32 top executives from the entire region from Sri Lanka to Mumbai.  This was a three day excellerated  Master Class in Advanced Marketing, which included the latest in Traditional marketing, digital, media, and Lon’s news form of marketing, Fusion Marketing.  For a larger view of the photos, just click the image! (more…)

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Be Twitter Wise

Twitter is the 140 character social media phenomenon that is considered one of the three most influential digital marketing platforms on earth, which also includes Facebook and LinkedIn.  Twitter is an SMS text messaging platform that allows its users to follow individuals and send text messages (Tweets) to their followers.  Twitter now has more than 646 million members generating more than 58 million Tweets per day or 1 billion Tweets every 4 days.

As a marketing tool, Twitter can be very effective if done correctly as the Follower groups can be quite large. The Top 3 People world-wide with the most Twitter followers are: Katy Perry (@katyperry) sporting 52,675,009, Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) singing out to 51,293,130, and Barack Obama (@BarackObama) presiding over 42,782,502 followers.  This list might also represent a social commentary on our perceived hero priorities. (more…)

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Is Social Media Marketing For Me And My Business?

When I meet with a potential client they will sometimes pose the question, “Why should I use social media marketing?” I turn the question around and tell them to take out the word “social.” The question then becomes, “Why should I use marketing?” When it’s posed in that way, business owners can see that it’s all marketing. (more…)

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Desperately Seeking Social Media Success

Social media success is a sometimes-tenuous marketing tool to measure. In order to achieve social media success, a marketer has to implement a series of strategies that are synergistic and are part of a complete marketing and promotion plan. The results ultimately achieved through the targeted use of social media can be incredibly effective in converting followers and likes into revenue-generating clients. (more…)

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Social Media: What Comes First? Tools or Strategy?

When it comes to social media the best strategy you can formulate for success starts with a sound strategy. You may be asking, “What?” right about now, but stay with me. Many marketers feel that when it comes to social and digital media strategies the best tactic is to begin by choosing the tool they will use, whether that tool is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Choosing a tool then attempting to build a strategy around that tool is not the way to begin. Marketing isn’t merely the tools you use to advance your message, it’s the development of an over-arching successful, integrated, interconnected strategy – a strategy that utilizes tried-and-true traditional marketing methods as well as digital media. (more…)

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35th Anniversary Of Spam Email

Here is what I consider a special treat on a special date.

Today, my good friend Gary Thuerk and I created the email thread below. You might not know who Gary is, but I am sure you know what he was the first do do. Gary sent the world’s very first Spam email back in 1978!

Gary Thuerk is considered  “The Father of Email Marketing”!  And… May 3rd is its 35th anniversary!

Below is our email conversation about that event and the actual, first spam message ever sent. And… if you would like, click on Gary’s image below to watch the video interview I did with Gary about that momentous event.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and Happy 35th Anniversary Email Marketing! (more…)

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