Facebook’s “Obama’s Assination Poll”

I was recently asked what I thought about the affect that Facebook’s “Obama Assassination Poll” would have on Facebook’s advertisers.  Here’s how I responded…

Facebook is right to try to monetize everything.  Google has built a more than $20b business around Internet advertising.  Polls are a necessity and very popular.  (My ex-fiancé’s father Bill Gaskill and his Mad Men partner, George Gallop made an industry out of taking polls in the 1940’s.)  So, I think Facebook, Google’s Contextual Ads, and ole George’s polls are a perfect match.  It’s unfortunate that there are idiots like the one who posted the “Obama Assignation Poll” on Facebook, but that’s human nature.  Sometimes social media brings out the best in people, sometimes it’s the worst, and sometimes it brings out the stupid. (more…)

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Facebook Flattering Twitter Or Stomping MySpace

Facebook Annouce today another cadre of new features and  benefits, Facebook Lite & @Tagging.  No Facebook Lite isn’t design as another new social network fad weight loss program, it’s a streamlined version of Facebook that loads faster.  Facebook’s new @tagging isn’t just flattering Twitter by imitating them, their adding some proven secret sauce. (more…)

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Monopoly City Streets – A Hit New Board Game Or Will Players Be Bored?

monoply-city-streets-game-google-mapsI read a recent article on the PC World web site, “Monopoly City Streets’ Online Game: Will Buying Park Place Be Any Easier?” where Hasbro has taken Google Maps and combined it with their highly successful traditional board game Monopoly.  Here are some thoughts.

First off, this is a great idea!  Of course, Monopoly and Google Maps!  I’ll bet that one was thought up over a pint or two!

One of the Lon Safko quotes on my web sites says, “Innovation is taking two things that are ordinary and combining them in a way that makes them extraordinary”.  That’s kind of what I’ve done throughout my career.  Nothing truly new is ever invented.  This is just two items we all knew, combined in a unique way.  Still, very innovative! (more…)

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Twit or Tweet

The June 15th cover of Time Magazine showed us all an iPhone with a Twitter Tweet from journalist Steven B. Johnson that read, “Twitter is changing the way we live-and showing us the future of innovation.”  But what does the future hold in store for us, business, and Twitter?  My guess is that unless some of the rules about “Tweets”, the text messages that user send out to their “followers” change, the future of Twitter for business is questionable.

During the research for my book, The Social Media Bible, by John Wiley & Sons, I had an amazing half hour conversation with Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter about why he invented Twitter and how Twitter is being used for business.  I learned a lot about the technology, its applications, and how Twitter really has changed the world of communication, news reporting, and business marketing ROI using free Tweets.  You can click to listen to our conversation. (more…)

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Social Media eBook Downloads

Welcome to the Extreme Digital Marketing – Social Media eBook download area of my web site.  I have provided these eBooks to you for free so that you may better understand the power of social media, its tactics, tools, and strategies.

Feel free to distribute them to anyone who could benefit from them and please feel free to comment below and and let me know your thoughts on them and on Social Media!

TSMB (The Social Media Bible) Sampleredm_tsmb_sampler-cover
This is an ebook offered in two versions; 78 pages with the complete 33 page index and 43 page without.  This ebook has been taken directly from The Social Media Bible and includes;
Table Of Contents: This is the actual Table Of Contents from the original book.
Introduction: This is the 9 page Introduction, Preface, and Acknowledgement from the book.
Chapter 1: This is the complete, 21 page Chapter 1.
Strategies: This is a 3 page excerpt from Part 3, “Building A Foundation For Social Media Success”.
Index: This is the 33 page Index from the book.
Download the TSMB Sampler eBook with the Index – 23mb
Download the TSMB Sampler eBook without the Index – 9mb (more…)

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The Social Media Bible – Ten Commandments

As coauthor of the Social Media Bible, I was asked “What are the Ten Commandments” of Social Media?”  So here they are!

  1. Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy).
  2. Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere).
  3. Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them).
  4. Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can).
  5. Thou Shalt Podcast (often). (more…)

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“The Five Ps of Social Media Implementation” But Not FRED Figglehorn

Here is Lon’s  parody on the YouTube sensation; Fred Figglehorn.  Fred is a 14 year old pretending to be an 8 year old with anger management problems.  Fred creates his 3 minute improv videos with his voice pitched high.

When I interviewed George Strompolos, the Content Partnerships Manager For YouTube, he said that he couldn’t be specific, but 14 year old FRED was earning more than $100,000 in advertising revenues from his videos.  He’s also generated more than 33 million views. (more…)

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The Five P’s Of Social Media Implementation

Here is a transcript of the audio and video posts on YoutTube and here at The Social Media Bible web site of my Five P’s Of Social Media Implementation.  I hope it is helpful!

Hello, my name is Lon Safko, co-author of The Social Media Bible, published by John Wiley & Sons, the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of social media.

And today I will be speaking about the Five P’s of Social Media Implementation.  Everybody asks, “Okay, now that I’m getting a better idea of what social media is, “How do I actually apply it?”  Well, these five P’s actually are Profiles, Propagate, Produce, Participate, and Progress. (more…)

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The Social Media Bible – October Update

As promised, I am keeping you up to date on the progress of The SMB book design and launch.  We have had some incredible additions to the Executive Conversations, we’ve nearly completed the book cover design, and still have a great deal of opportunity for you to participate and contribute your insights to the design and content of The SMB!

Executive Interviews
Expert Insights

A special thank you to all of those who have participated in the Expert Insights, Executive Conversations. These podcast conversations with industry giants has brought an incredible array of fascinating insights. We added quite a few new names to the already impressive list of participants for you to listen to. (more…)

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35 Major Corporations Engaged In Social Media

This is a list of 35 major corporations engaged in using Social Media. It was so compelling I had to blog about it! The results for these corporations have been great.

Every corporation both large and small will have to engage in social media sooner or later. Those that wait will be left behind by their competition.

Blendtec is famous for its bevy of inexpensive “Will It Blend” videos posted on YouTube and shared by millions.

Adobe maintains a list of interesting company related websites and conversations on the social bookmarking site Delicious. (more…)

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