Lon Cut Out

No budget?  Won’t pay for speakers? No problem!

Download Your FREE… 

Speakers KitInexpensive Lon Safko Presentation Kit

Here is everything you need to download. build, and enjoy your very own “Inexpensive” Lon Safko Presentation Kit. This kit is free to you and comes with many of the insights that Lon makes in his live presentations!

Follow these simple steps:

  • Download your kit by selecting this link:

    Click here for
    The Inexpensive Lon Safko Presentation Kit (.pdf)

  • Print, cut out, and assemble the podium if your presentation requires one.
  • Cut out Lon Safko and dress him in appropriate attire for your presentation.
  • Set up your podium, refreshments*, and Lon Safko in font of your computer monitor
  • Turn your speakers up as loud as they will go.
  • Finally, select a Lon Safko video below and enjoy!Lon’s Speaking Samples 

Lon might appear to be a little “shallow”, but his a lot more enteraining in real life!

*Cut out and use refreshments, microphone, note pad, and projector for additional realism!

Lon LIVE !