“The Sparks That Ignited The World” Is Published

This book eBook and Paperback is a collection of forty-nine historical interview transcripts with the actual geniuses that “ignited the world” with their creation and insights into social media. Back in 2006, we knew Web 2.0 as it was referred to, began migrating to social media.

No one knew then this disruptive technology, was going to ignite the world in such a profound way, that we still today cannot comprehend it’s changes. The first edition of my bestselling book “The Social Media Bible”, turned out to be 850 pages and that was in the very early days of social media, before Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. Facebook only had 250,000 members!

Before I began writing this epic tome, I knew I was going to have understand all of the 21 major categories of social media and digital communication, which I also had to create the classifications on, that it would be a huge learning curve. I also knew, my best teachers would the people who created social media itself.

The first job was to identify the 50 top inventors, bloggers, authors, officers, and directors of the biggest social media companies worldwide. I next, spent the summer of 2007, tracking them down, connecting with them, and persuading them to tell their story about their incredible contributions to social media.

I was shocked and over joyed that out of the 51 world igniters identified, all but two agreed. They would spend as much as an hour on the phone, telling me their personal how’s, when’s, and why’s they dedicated their lives to creating social media tools.

The excitement of speaking with people like Gary Vaynerchuk before he was Gary ”V”, Matt Mullenweg who invented and coded WordPress, Alan Levy the founder of BlogTalkRadio, Biz Stone, the inventor of Twitter, and my favorite inventor and “Father of the Internet”, Vint Cerf, and many others was a once in a lifetime event! Here are those stories.

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