Lon Safko – PBS Television Special “Social Media & You…”

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This is the PBS Television is in it’s entirety (just fast forward through the pledge breaks).

In this video I talk about:

  • The Fundamental Shift In Power
  • The Trinity Of Social Media
  • Twitter – The Psychology Behind The Technology
  • The Power Of Facebook
  • Why LinkedIn Is So Important
  • Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, & YouTube Sharing
  • Second Life, Virtual Worlds
  • The Gamer & In-Game Advertising
  • Why Blogging Is A Necessity
  • Google Juice & Link Love
  • The SEO Implications Of Blogging
  • Cyber-Security, What People Are Saying About You
  • How to Listen-In On Your Competitions Conversations
  • Email Marketing, The Original Social Media
  • On-Line Privacy & Your Liability
  • The Huge Transition To Mobile Marketing
  • QR Barcodes, NFC, & Other Mobile Marketing

If you sell or market any kind of product or service or if you just want to understand more about the social media, then you need you watch this show!

Why not?  It’s free!

Email Lon Safko, Speaking, Training, Consulting

Here Are A Few Sneak Samples Of This Special!



Lon Safko Stars on PBS Television Special – Conclusion

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Information About The Special

Social Media & You…  Communicating In A Digital World

Social media is much more than having a Facebook page and sending a few tweets. It is about understanding all of the available tools and knowing which ones to use and how to use them most effectively. It’s about understanding terms such as “the fundamental shift in power”, “link love”, “Google Juice” and “What the SEO advantages are to blogging?”. It’s about using QR codes and mobile marketing, “segmenting”, and “day parting” to achieve a 35% email conversion rate. It’s about in-game advertising, virtual worlds, and video marketing.  It’s a lot more than you ever thought!

Join Public Television and Lon Safko, the author of the best-selling book The Social Media Bible and get a completely different perspective on the digital world of communication!

In this television special, Lon Safko will show you why Facebook is a valuable communication tool, how to use Twitter to reach your prospects, and why LinkedIn is so important in today’s professional business world.  But, do you know what your customers are telling other people about you and your services, what you competition is saying, and what they all are saying about you?  Do you know why having your web page mobile compatible on all mobile platforms is critical, what the SEO implications of blogging are, and why a QR Barcode on the back of your business card will help you track how effective your communication is.  Do you know how and why leveraging email is the most cost effective form of communication you can do with as high as a 35% conversion rate?  Do you completely understand that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not strategies?  The biggest problem with social media today, is that most people just don’t know what they don’t know.

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