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Welcome to the Extreme Digital Marketing – Social Media eBook download area of my web site.  I have provided these eBooks to you for free so that you may better understand the power of social media, its tactics, tools, and strategies.

Feel free to distribute them to anyone who could benefit from them and please feel free to comment below and and let me know your thoughts on them and on Social Media!

TSMB (The Social Media Bible) Sampleredm_tsmb_sampler-cover
This is an ebook offered in two versions; 78 pages with the complete 33 page index and 43 page without.  This ebook has been taken directly from The Social Media Bible and includes;
Table Of Contents: This is the actual Table Of Contents from the original book.
Introduction: This is the 9 page Introduction, Preface, and Acknowledgement from the book.
Chapter 1: This is the complete, 21 page Chapter 1.
Strategies: This is a 3 page excerpt from Part 3, “Building A Foundation For Social Media Success”.
Index: This is the 33 page Index from the book.
Download the TSMB Sampler eBook with the Index – 23mb
Download the TSMB Sampler eBook without the Index – 9mb

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Social Media, The Impact On You & Your Businessedm-sm-impact-cover
This ebook is a 28 pages and that covers the wide landscape of social media and it’s impact on business.
This is a transcript of an actual 45 minute live presentation.  Many of these chapters have been posted as blogs published on the Fast Company web site.
This ebook covers the 12 most important areas of social media for business.
Download The Social Media… The Impact On You And Your Business eBook – 3mb

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Social Media Insights Volume #1edm-insights-01-cover
This ebook is volume #1 in a series of Insights compiled into an ebook format.  New volumes will be added regularly.  Volume #1 contains:
The Ten Commandments of Social Media: This is a 2 page chapter that originally ran on Fast Company web site that outlines the 10 most important things to do when starting your social media strategy.
The Five P’s Of Social Media: This is a 3 page chapter that originally ran on Fast Company web site that is an abbreviated list to help you get started with social media; Profiles, Propagate, Produce, Participate, and Progress.
The Social Media Trinity: This is a 3 page chapter that originally ran on Steven Groves web site that outline the three most important tools of social media; Blogs, Social Networks, and Twitter.
Twit Or Tweet: This is a 4 page chapter, not yet seen, describing the difference between personal and business, valuable and trivial Tweets.
Download the eBook Social Media Insights Volume #1 – 1mb

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Social Media – Executive Conversations, Series04-edm-ec-broitman-cover
The PDF attached is an example of the one ebooks in a series of 43 Executive Conversation between Lon Safko and 43 of the top CEO’s, SVP’s, Authors, Founders, and Inventors of today’s Social Media technology.
This ebook is #4 in the series and is an 11 page transcript of a conversation between Lon Safko and Adam Broitman, Director of Strategy, Crayon Marketing discussing mobile advertising, and the impact of cell phone technology on social media.
The remaining 42 ebooks are soon to be completed.
Download the eBook Social Media, Executive Conversations #04, With Alan Broitman, Crayon Marketing, Director of Strategy – 0.5mb

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The Social Media Bible Mini-Bibletsmb_sm
This is a 20 page printable 5 1/2”x8” mini-booklet that includes the Introduction, Acknowledgement, and the complete Chapter 1 from The Social Media Bible.
This can be printed on 10 doubled sided standard 8 1/2”x11” folded in half and saddle stitched (stapled in the center), to create a half size, mini Social Media Bible.
Download the printable eBook The Social Media Bible, Mini-Bible – 12mb

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