I’m sure you’re familiar with the old proverb “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.”  That’s the difference between training and consulting.

A consultant comes into your company, takes control of your most important assets, and does the work for you.  You loose control and you are required to continue to pay that consultant, coach, or agency forever!

I can do all of your your digital marketing for you as a consultant if you wish.  My team is made up of some of the bestselling authors on social and digital media marketing in the country.

The smart alternative is, is for you and your entire staff to learn all of the secrets my team and I have learned so YOU and your team can be successful!

Don’t be trapped by consultants and agencies with their hands out every month.  It’s time you can take back control!  Speak with me about how I can teach you and your team to “fish for life”!

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What people are saying around the world about Lon’s training:

Suwandee Chaiwarut – Advisor, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Malaysia, ex Dir Marketing for Red Bull

“Mind-blowing! Miss it and you are derailed! Lon Safko and the content were the core strengths of the training.“


Nicholas Ling – Group Marketing Manager, RMA Group Malaysia
“Lon has the human wealth of experience and knowledge from his career history, enabling him to share and simplify the approach of communication and strategy development. The one on one attention were the strengths of his training.


Jan Eilers – Sales & Marketing Manager, MAGMA Engineering Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Malaysia
“Lon did an amazing job; from personal greeting at the beginning of the training to sharing valuable information comprehensively during the course. There were lots of practical applications.”


Maurina Abdul Hamid – Marketing Communications Officer, Baiduri Bank
”Lon Safko is extremely knowledgeable on subject matter and is a very good trainer. Lon’s Day 1 was the main highlight of the event.”


Grace Briones – Revenue Management Administrator, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International Malaysia
“Lon was passionate and committed to his area of expertise.”


Wynn Chew – Vice President of e-Business, OCBC Bank (M) Bhd Malaysia
“Positive engaging trainer. New tools shared and examples given on how we could apply them was helpful.”  “What I find interesting about Lon’s training compared to others is that it has a fair bit of case studies, a lot of practical tools shared and the speaker tells us stuff that is happening in the other parts of the world that is more advanced than Malaysia in terms of digital. There were a fair bit of things we can copy with pride and adapt it across to our industry or our respective company. Lon is a fantastic trainer, he is very engaging, positive and funny which makes the course interesting. It is almost like a crash course to learn more about digital and social media. It was a nice training, thank you.”


Yee Meng Queen – Product Manager, Merck, Sharp & Dohme (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia
“Simply out-of-this-world! A world class trainer who really knows his knowledge. He was capable to share his own real life experiences and he was very engaging. The topic given was relevant for the current business & marketing paradigm. Continue quality training, engage caliber & high profile speakers like Lon Safko.


Mohamad Madani – E-Marketing Manager, Azizia Panda United Co., Dubai
“Lon Safko is one of the best trainers I have ever met. He can create the hook. The main strength of the training was the content.”


Fiona Samuel – Marketing Coordinator, Apparel Group, Dubai
“Excellent trainer! He teaches how to apply tools into real life situations. He also validates each slide with fine examples. Learning to use tools by linking them to each other was helpful.


Abda Fayyaz – Manager of Corporate Communications, National Bank of Fujairah, UAE
“Lon provided a very effective way of implementing the traditional marketing tools which I have never seen from any trainer in this manner! The strengths of the event were the marketing strategy, social media usage and the linking of traditional and modern mediums to work effectively towards a common objective.


Rayya Al Maskeri – Tourism Marketing Organizer, Ministry of Tourism, Oman, UAE
“Lon Safko is excellent! He can get our attention and he is helpful. The training provided new info to develop ours and we got to exchange info with colleagues.”


Kannan P. Ramachandran – Marketing Research Supervisor, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros Co. W.L.L., Dubai
“Excellent! Lon is the guru/master of social media! The fusion of traditional and social media was the main strength of the event.


Maysoun Hanna – Strategic Planner, Leo Burnett, EAU
“Lon is energetic and passionate. He takes the complex and tricky world of digital and simplifies it so it can make sense to everyone. This course is a great introduction to people who are not familiar with digital.”


Tahani Saleh Bahakeem – Marketing Communication Manager, Petromin Corporation, UAE
“The speaker pushed me to think out of the box! :)”


Soula Baroudi – Marketing Manager, Horeca Trade LLC, UAE
“Lon was energetic, passionate and is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met. I am so proud to actually be trained by Lon Safko! The main strengths of the event were the questions and answers session, the interactions and the team work.


Alia Adel Jasim Almidfa – Marketing & Corporate Communication, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai
“Lon was great! He backed all the material with examples and personal anecdotes. The big picture and the details all came together nicely.


Teledyne, Anaheim, CA
“Very entertaining and informative – a lot of material covered and very well presented.”


Alcoa, Pittsburg, PA
“Exciting and well presented!”


Raytheon Professional Services, Southfield, MI
“Lon Safko was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and interesting. Great Conference Thanks!”


Malibu Shirts, Anaheim, CA
“Superior quality information presented in a manner that gets you excited to get back to work and implement what you’ve learned.”


San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA
“Lon Safko is a gold mine of information and inspiration. His ability to pack a lifetime of experience into an innovative day of learning is truly a gift. His unique professional style power-packs a wealth of fresh cutting-edge knowledge, savvy human, and insightful interpersonal skills that delivers 1,000%!!!”


NACCO Materials Hdlg Group, Raleigh, NC
“Most valuable conference I’ve ever attended! Well worth the I440 beltline traffic!”

Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, FL
“Lon Safko is engaging, informative, an expert in his field, organized and an effective speaker.”


Taylor Woodrow, Austin, TX
“I’m excited about my upcoming email campaign now that I have new ideas!”


Raytheon Professional Services, Southfield, MI
“Very informative and interesting.”

US Postal Service, Grand Rapids, MI
“Lon Safko was very inspiring and motivational.”


Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
“Lon’s training was very, very helpful and informative. Lon was very good!”


Goodyear Rubber Products, Tampa, FL
“I learned a lot!”


Goodrich, Jacksonville, FL
“I was able to learn about several tools that my company can utilize to improve our search engine ranking to obtain quality leads.”

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