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The Artificial Intelligence ChatBot Book!

Hit #1 On Amazon in three different categories!
There are four technologies that are headed your way that will change your life more than Social Media did! What Are They? A.I., A.R., V.R., and IoT. If you don’t know what these letters stand for… You had better read Lon’s Latest book! “The Artificial Intelligence ChatBot”. Now on Amazon!

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Lon Teaches International Business Classes At Moscow Business College

Lon just completed teaching 6 “International Business and Entrepreneur” classes at the Moscow Business College in Moscow, Russia. Here are several links to the classes:

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Alien Time Hits #5 On Amazon!

Lon’s newest book just became his newest bestseller when it hit #5 on Amazon.

“Alien Time” There’s evidence that aliens have been visiting our planet for centuries. Some even think the world’s governments are hiding alien crafts, technology, and even their bodies.

On a hot summer day in July, of 1947, outside of Roswell, New Mexico, a “weather balloon” crashed into Mac Brazel’s ranch, or so we’re told. The story of what that rancher found differed greatly from the official report issued by our United States Air Force.

What really happened at Roswell? Is there an alien craft and two alien cadavers being kept secret at Area 51? Were the contents of that craft really responsible for mylar, the integrated circuit, CMOS image sensors, and the Steal Bomber technology?

With our nearest neighbors circling our closest star; Alpha Centauri at 4.37 light years away, how could it be possible for any civilization to each the earth? That’s 25,633,092,000,000 miles away!

All these questions and more are answered in the best short story of its time, “Alien Time”.

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Lon’s Newest Bestselling Book Climbing The Amazon Charts

Lon Launches his latest bestselling book “The Innovative Thinking Bible”, which already hit #36 on Amazon and is climbing!

This book contains 100’s of examples of innovation, which use disruptive thinking, 100’s of innovative quotes from famous innovators, dozens of actual examples of creativity, which the biggest companies in the world use to create the most successful products in history.  And, there are more than 40 brain exercises that will get that muscle in shape and have you thinking more creatively and innovatively than ever!  Go To Amazon!

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Lon Makes

Forbes School of Business held a “Thought Leadership Summit” this week of the who’s who in the global business and technology community where Lon had the opportunity to work alongside Steve Forbes and many of the Forbes Media editors.  Jason Bloomberg, wrote an excellent article about the event and pointed out Lon’s disagreement with John Tamny, Political Economy Editor at Forbes on thoughts about listening to the customer. Read The Forbes article:

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10 More Books Just Published!

Lon has just published 10 more books!  Albeit, several of them are small, but contain some amazing insights. Most of the books are written on the subject of marketing and advanced marketing.  Two books were updates to his very first books.  One was geared specifically for the entrepreneur in all of us and the other was a new min-novel western, which is part of the series.

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“The Sparks That Ignited The World” Is Published

This book eBook and Paperback is a collection of forty-nine historical interview transcripts with the actual geniuses that “ignited the world” with their creation and insights into social media. Back in 2006, we knew Web 2.0 as it was referred to, began migrating to social media. (more…)

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Lon’s Novel Nominated For A Pulitzer Prize!

I was a surprised as anyone!  I received an email from Columbia University saying that my recent novel “Love, Lust, Death” was submitted to the Pulitzer Committee to be considered for the coveted 2017 “Pulitzer Prize”!  I have to send them 4 paperback copies of the book and see what happens in December of 2016.  Wow!

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Lon Safko Takes Sri Lanka By Storm!

I just returned from my Asia / India tour and it was amazing.  Teaching executives in Bangkok, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Colombo, Sri Lanka Fusion Marketing was SO rewarding!  I arrived in Colombo the day after Cyclone Roanu devastated the country and city.  several hundred last their lives, there was extensive flooding and even landslides.  On a brighter note, on the way to the resort, while driving through Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, my driver simply said “Billboard” and pointed out the window.  I didn’t realize what he meant until we were adjacent to it!  He meant “BILLBOARD!”  I was on the billboard in the capital of Sri Lanka!  How cool is that!

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The Social Media Bible Exceeds $2m Retail Sales Mark!

Lon’s Amazon #1 best selling book, The Social Media Bible, Published by John Wiley & Sons, now in its’ Third Edition and Five Languages has broken the $2million retail sales mark.  My 750-page business book on how to use social media is the only book ever to tackle the ENTIRE genre of social media marketing!  This isn’t Facebook for Dummies, or LinkedIn for Idiots, or Twitter For Morons, this is everything you need to know including an entire section on my Five-Part Strategy for implementation!

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Lon Presents For Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Lon was honored when Chad Cooper of Team Tony with Tony Robbins asked Lon to present Fusion Marketing to their Business Mastery group recently.  This was an exciting and interactive exchange of ideas and resonated with the group.  To view this webinar, below is a special invitation.

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Lon Teaches Two More Amazing Executive Classes In India

Lon just had the opportunity to teach two more executive classes in India!  The first class was taught at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, now rated the third best business school in the world!  This is Lon’s 6th time teaching his Fusion Marketing Masterclass to India’s top executives from as far away as Sri Lanka and Oman.  Lon also had the honor of working with the top executives of one of India’s largest and fastest growing financial institution in India; Indiabulls in Mumbai. What an amazing experience!

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