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CMO / Coaching / Training

Consultants and coaches by design, do things for you. They never teach you how to be self sufficient. This way so you can never get rid of them.  They become a constant financial drain.

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach him to fish and he buys a boat…  I mean, well you know.

As you know over the past five years, I have been training top executive at Fortune 500 companies around the world; Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi, Zurich, Vienna, Puerto Vallarta, Milan, and more.  But now,

I Want To Work With You…



This Applies To You And All Business People Who Want More From Their Marketing.

• If you work for a large company, this will allow you and your team to create more successful tactics that you can implement.  You can create more revenue with less money.

• For a small company, this system can create multiples on even a small marketing budget.

• All entrepreneurs need to know how use Fusion Marketing to maximize your marketing dollars and make you stand out from your competition.

• If you are a consultant, understanding how to implement Fusion Marketing implement for your clients adds value to what you offer and makes your job easier.


 This Is What We’re Going Do Together.
There will be only five companies selected to personally work with me; one-on-one (and together) to develop an award winning marketing and sales plan and you will learn how to do it.

  Assist you and your team as an interim part-time CMO.

• Coach you and your team through creating an award winning marketing and sales strategy using my Patent Pending, Fusion Marketing System.  And…

  Train you and your team on The Fusion Marketing system and the latest marketing methods, which will give you the ability to repeat these successes yourself!

A 12 Minute Example Of What Fusion Marketing Can Do For You


 The Magic Will Happen In The Comfort Of Your Own Office.


 For Three Months, Beginning Almost Immediately.
Let’s work together for three months; you and your team.  No limit to the size of your team.  During that time, this is what we will do together.

Week One

You will receive:

“The Fusion Marketing Bible” book, (autographed, of course.) If you think it’s worth a lot now, just wait until after I’m dead!  :o)  Additional books are available upon request.

• “The Safko Marketing Wheel” Kit to develop your marketing tactics, tools, objectives, and strategy. Additional Safko Wheel Marketing Kits are available upon request.

One hour, live, on-line Fusion Marketing Masterclass with unlimited Q&A via Zoom.

Unlimited access to “The Fusion Marketing” Training video.

• “The Fusion Marketing Overview” ebook.

• “The Ultimate Sales Funnel” ebook.

  “The 7.5 Secrets To A Successful Blog” eBook.

  “Generational Marketing” eBook.

  “The Sparks That Ignited The World” eBook.

One half hour, one-on-one, personal, scheduled coaching / training audio all where I can answer any questions you or your team may have via Skype.

Unlimited (reasonable) one-on-one email Questions.

Each Week Thereafter

You will receive:

• One hour, live, on-line, group Mastermind Success Sharing and unlimited Q&A via Zoom.

• One half hour, one-on-one, personal, scheduled coaching / training audio all where I can answer any questions you or your team may have via Skype.

• Unlimited (reasonable) one-on-one email support.


 To Increase Your Revenues Without Spending More.

Why for me? I am compiling information for a Harvard Business Case Study / Harvard Review Article about how The Fusion Marketing System and how it has helped businesses around the world.  I want to use recent cases here in the U.S. for the basis of this article.

Why for you? This system really works and we will develop an award winning marketing and sales strategy together.


 Much with this cost?

We will work together for a minimum of three months at $1500 per month, billed monthly.

As soon as I have the chosen the five companies, you will be notified and we will set a date for us to begin.

 Become one of these five companies!


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