Baby Yoda Out-Trends Washington

Baby Yoda…  What can I say?

I think again, we are discussing the symptoms of the human condition.  Back when the Cabbage Patch doll craze arrived in 1983, we all believed that materialism had reached a new high, but people were just becoming fatigued by continuous waves of new electronics.

Yes, people are easily distracted by shiny and often furry objects.  I think people are more disgusted with way our elected officials have acted over the past several years than ever before, specifically the Democratic Party.  It’s easy to understand why people would prefer looking at a “Baby Yoda” rather than the faces of our current political candidates.  I think we are all just fatigued with Washington.  And as you know, people will spend hours and hours on YouTube watching dancing parrots, waterskiing squirrels, and laser chasing cats but have no idea what the “Electoral College” is.

It all comes down to endorphins.  The squirrels on skis make us happy, while the squirrels in Washington make us sad.  People will always choose happy over sad.

Lon LIVE !