Lon Finds Grave Of First Black Landowner In America

Lon actually found, deep in an overgrown forest of New England, the very first African American land owner ever in America!  It was a late autumn afternoon in upstate New York. The air was fresh and crisp, the sun was shining, and the leaves rustled under your feet while you walked.  It was Sunday, my chores where done, and I had an afternoon to explore the countryside. I always liked to explore in the fall. When the leaves have fallen from the trees, it was easier to see the clues of a society no longer with us in New York. The farmer.  If you are careful to look beyond the forest and beyond the tree, you might just see a fieldstone wall, or better yet, parallel fieldstone walls. This usually meant an abandoned road. If you look closely at the average age of the trees, you can often identify a strip of younger trees of less than 100 years old, winding it’s way through a forest of older stand trees of oak, maple, and ash…Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

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