Lon Forms Five Star Speakers!

Lon came up with another entirely new concept for working with speaker’s bureaus…  Eliminate the the bureaus!  Lon was always concerned and confused that there had to be an intermediary between the professional keynote speaker / trainer and the end client.  So, Lon founded Five Star Speakers!  Five star speakers is a speakers bureau by the speakers and for speakers.  At Five Star Speakers you have access to the world’s leading keynote speakers; directly, without the middle, man!  Five Star Speakers is a partnership between Lon and other famous keynote speakers such as Eric Qualman, “Socialnomics”, Dave Kerpen “Likeable Social Media”, Jamie Turner “Go Mobile”, Chuck Martin “The Third Screen”, Phyllis Khare “Social Media Marketing For Dummies”, Andrea Vahl “Facebook Marketing For Dummies”, and Adam Metz “The Social Customer”.

Visit Five Star Speakers where you can connect directly with the most sought after keynote speakers today!

Five Star Speakers

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