Lon Is Asked To Participate In A 10,000 Year Old LaCoda Ceremony

Here’s Lon’s story of how he particiated in a 10,000 year old Navaho sweat. As I backed my blazer from my driveway, it was still very dark. It was pre-dawn. I noticed that the air was cool with dew. I felt the moisture on my skin. I realized how unusual this was for the southwest. It was obvious that the summer months have waned and the cooler, more pleasant months of winter were close at hand.  I ventured out into that pre-dawn. night, as I calculated my journey from the Phoenix area to the heart of northern Arizona’s Navajo Nation’s reservation, or the Res as it is often referred to in the southwest. This journey was one that would encompass several hundred miles and place me in the the Res around 10:00 AM, if I hurried.  As I drove off into the night I wondered what was in store for me over the next eight to ten hours. Why was there so much mystery surrounding this Sweat? I continued to go over and over in my mind the little information that was shared with me the week before…Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon LIVE !