Lon Returns From Asia Lecture & Book Tour!

Lon just returned from his 2nd world tour, which included Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, China, and Dubai in the Arab Emirates where he lectured to executives of some of the world’s largest corporations on traditional marketing, digital marketing, and of course, Fusion Marketing.  Lon said the most interesting part of this lecture tour was teaching “social media” to executives in a communist country (China)!  He went on to say that using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as examples were useless when all of these (western) social platforms are blocked in China.  He stated that he had to clarify; “This is what the rest of the world is using, but it works the same way!” in all of his presentations.  Web sites like Sina Weibo (Twitter-like) with 54m members, Renren (Facebook-like) with 54m members, Ozone (Facebook-like) with 629m members, and Weixen (WhatsApp-li,ke), with 236m members carry a lot of marketing weight in China!  Also WhatsApp is crushing it in Asia!  It’s more popular than Facebook!

Lon LIVE !