Lon Saves Betsy Ross To Our History Books

That’s right!  Lon actually saved Betsy Ross, the acclaimed seamstress who allegedly created our first American flag to our history books forever.  As with all stories of rescue, no one individual can be responsible for the entire adventure. My adventure starts at the age of 4, back in the city of Yonkers, New York and spans two centuries.  While taking a short cut along the Hudson River on my way back to my hotel returning from a meeting in New York, I past an old building lurking on my right. As I passed this structure, I had a flashback, a glimpse of a fleeting memory. This glimpse was similar to the level of recall you have when waking after a deep sleep and struggle to recall your dream, by grabbing little bits and pieces of wisps’ of thought here and a mental image there…  Lon tells the story of how a chance meeting lead to this amazing outcome.Lon’s book, “Gratuitous Serendipity” is available on Amazon where you can read all of Lon’s amazing stories or you can read the story here!

Lon LIVE !