Lon Signs Two Book Deals In One Day!

Lon signed two new book deals with Publishers John Wiley & Sons and McGraw Hill Publishing in one day.  An agreements was signed with John Wiley for the Third Edition of Lon’s International Best Seller “The Social Media Bible” now available worldwide in English, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. Don’t worry about buying the current version, the Third Edition will not be out until summer of 2012.

Lon also signed an agreement with McGraw Hill for his newest best selling book “The Fusion Marketing Marketing”! Here’s a little about a totally new marketing concept – Fusion Marketing!Fusion Marketing is a fusion of Traditional Media, Digital Media, Social Media… TraDigital Media Marketing.  If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind.

If you’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’re trying to build a successful marketing campaign restricted to using only two tools.  Social media is an amazing marketing tool set that’s been for the past 5+ years, and take it from me, I wrote the book on it!  If you’re still stuck looking at social media as a stand alone technology, then you’ve been left behind.

Fusion Media Marketing is the next step that brings our 6,000 years of traditional marketing, the exciting digital marketing tools of the Internet, social media and fully integrates them into one seamless tool set that will accomplish every goal you set!FUSE! isn’t just about integration; it’s about a totally new concept of “Interconnecting” all of your traditional and digital tools.  Fusion Marketing is about looking at all of your tools, campaigns, and conversion strategies first in one-dimension, then two-dimensions, then taking your entire marketing strategies into the world of three-dimensions.  It’s here that you can look at everything you do in marketing in a completely different way…


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