Lon’s Public Television Special Premieres!

On March 6th, Lon’s Public Television Special “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World” premiered on KAET PBS AZ Television with rave reviews!  This television special has been called “Historic Television”!

The television special premiered on PBS AZ KEAT, but for the first time ever, it previewed and broadcasted world wide on Facebook using the 22Social app.  This was the first time a traditional media television had been a pre-cast on the same night where it could be directly compared to Facebook, the new marketing; Social Media.  Lon and his team are currently developing a “game changing” industry white paper report that will directly compare and analyze the same exact content marketed on traditional media television and social media Facebook.

If you would like to receive a copy of this report, select “Get Access” from the top right corner of this page and you will be notified when it’s completed!  For more information on the PBS Television Special, click here!

Lon LIVE !