09 – Signing In Houston

Signing In Houston

(Houston, We Have A Signature)

This is just an outline and will be rewritten to add more details such as dates, names, and descriptions.

As stated earlier, with little or no help, the first six months were very difficult.  We started by researching the market.  I visited and demonstrated to almost 21 hospitals and medical centers form New York to Houston, to Denver, to California.  We had excellent acceptance, and there appeared to be no competition still.


Two demonstrations in particular, kept the momentum alive in me through those tough times.  The first was a demo I was giving a panel of twelve technical experts in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Houston, Texas.  After the demo, I was asked if a patient they were treating would be allowed to try the unit.  I insisted.


The patient was a vet, approximately 40, and a recent motorcycle accident victim, which left him paralyzed form the neck down, a C-3 quad.  He was completing his ninth month of physical rehabilitation.  Physically, he was progressing nicely; however, his mental condition was deteriorating.


He tried the SenSei system headset on, and felt quite comfortable with the system as a whole, actually he showed considerable excitement.  After a few minutes of instruction, and a moment for him to get accustom to the HeadMouse, he was ripping through the screens with no further assistance form me.


He quickly found the graphics program, selected the paintbrush tool, and carefully moved his head, to draw his name.  I then looked to the nurse for approval.  She began to cry.  I took her arm and asked what the problem was.  She replied, the for the first time in over nine months, he had been able to sign his name.  He had lost his identity, when he lost his ability to sign his name.  The SenSei system gave this treasure back to him.  We cried together.

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