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Can you believe that social media has been around for more than 10 years now?

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Way back in 2007, there was something called Web 2.0.  We watched it gradually become social media, a force that changed the world as we know it.  No one knew then how disruptive this technology was going to be or how it was going to ignite the world in such a profound way.  Even today, we are still trying to comprehend it’s changes…

You need to look at these amazing innovators who share their historic insights in their own words.  Learn why Biz Stone created “Twitter” or Matt Mullenweg created “WordPress”, or Pete Cashmore created “Mashable” or how Gary Theurk sent the world’s first Spam email 35 years ago. Read the stories from top executives at Microsoft, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Constant Contact, BlogTalkRadio, Flickr, MySpace, and Yelp. Read the thoughts from top authors like Robert Scoble, John Arnold, Evo Terra, and Michael Gerber.  There’s even an interview with Vint Cerf, the inventor of the “Internet”!

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