Social Media Book Survey Update

The Social Media Survey Is Off To A Great Start! But, still needs your help.First Social Media LogoHere’s some cool statistics on the survey so far. As of 1:00 PM today:

· 531 individuals have entered the survey.
· 421 have completed it.
· We are at a 79.5% completion rate! That’s the highest we’ve ever seen.
· 65% of the participants are female. This is skewing higher due to a specific participant list. That’s why we need your contacts to “normalize” this data.
· 64.8% of the participants are over the age of 41.
· 48.6% of the participants disclosed income or greater than $71,000 per year.
· Only 18.2% preferred not to disclose their income.
· 35% indicated they had a Masters Degree.
· 24% had either a Ph.D / Doctoral or Law degrees. That’s nearly 60% with a Masters or higher.

When asked: Do you see yourself as an author, contributor, or reviewer of content for something to do with SOCIAL MEDIA?
· 46% indicated YES, that they do see themselves as potential collaborators to a Social Media Project.
· 31.9% indicated they had never thought about it before.
· Overall, 213 or 40% of the respondents provided email addresses to contact them to participate in a Social Media Book Design Project.

What’s my thoughts? 41 or older making $71k+ per year with a Masters Degree or better with 46% wanting to participate further – Strategic Planners and Policy Makers who understand the necessity to be on the cutting for their companies and careers.

Email me with your thoughts!

If We’re Going To Make History, We Need Your Help!

Its now been more than two weeks since we launched the Social Media Book Survey and we would like more participants. We need you! If this book on Social Media is going to be a world’s first in book design using Social Media, we need more input; more “user generate content”. If you haven’t yet taken the survey, please do so. We have reduced the amount of time necessary to complete the survey so it’s easier than ever. Also, please pass this along to your networks. Invite others to help us make history.

We currently have Chris Heuer, the Founder of the Social Medial Clubs worldwide, Robert Scoble, the Famous Microsoft Blogger and Scoble-izer, Pat Sullivan, the Creator of ACT Contact Management Software, and Marc Cantor, the Founder of Macromedia and Flash all on the Contributing Author Design Panel. Let’s add your name to this list.

As always any information you give will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise, I promise. And we are giving away Paper Models and will have a drawing giving away five Apple Nano-iPod’s just for your thoughts! Be sure to sign up for the next phase where we will ask for your input on the design and content of the actual book. We will be looking for anecdotes, examples, ideas, case studies, cool uses, ‘I didn’t think of that’s, and ‘what if’s on each chapter. If we chose your idea, you will be mentioned as a contributing author in a book that is positioned as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

Click Here To Take The Social Media Book Survey

Please fill it out, pass it on, blog about it, Twitter it, Jott it, email it, post it on your web site, or just tell a friend! This opportunity will be ending soon!

Lastly, what do you think of this possible logo (above), for the book and term “eSoCom” which means Electronic Social Communications? Email me below!Thank you for your participation!Let’s make history together!

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