Social Media / Traditional Media Throw-Down


Social media marketing is by definition, a world-wide marketing concept, while traditional marketing is has always been regional.  Whether it’s a town, city, state, or nationwide, it’s still always defined by a geographic area.  Where social media marketing is by default is worldwide thanks to the world wide web (www).

Throwdown Title ImageWhen using social media marketing to market a “geo-targeted” company, we have to take a step back and figure out how we can throttle back the expose and try to confine it to a geographic area.  We do this using Foursquare, Groupon, Amazon Deals, Yelp, Angie’s List, and other social platforms that target small geographic areas, generally a 15 to 25 mile radius.

In my PBS (Public Television) Television Special “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World”, each of the 355 Public Broadcasting PBS affiliates are by definition a state-by-state at best, or even smaller, market by market area exposure.  Traditional marketing being limited to a geographic area makes perfect sense, radio reaches number of people in an X radius distance with its X number of watts.  Television is identical.  Newspapers have a geographic radius or deliverable area as well.  It’s what we’ve all grown up with and have become accustomed to.

When marketing a company that does business nationwide or internally, social media could be broken down to these same geographic areas, but it wouldn’t make any sense.   You want to flip the switch and watch it go viral, worldwide. If social media marketing were restricted, by geographic area it would go against the very definition of social media.  Social media / digital marketing is worldwide, traditional is geo-targeted.

In this television special, I will show you why Facebook is a valuable communication tool, how to use Twitter to reach your prospects, and why LinkedIn is so important in today’s professional business world.  But, do you know what your customers are telling other people about you and your services, what you competition is saying, and what they all are saying about you?  Do you know why having your web page mobile compatible on all mobile platforms is critical, what the SEO implications of blogging are, and why a QR Barcode on the back of your business card will help you track how effective your communication is.

Do you know how and why leveraging email is the most cost effective form of communication you can do with as high as a 35% conversion rate?  Do you completely understand that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not marketing strategies?  The biggest problem with social media today, is that most people just don’t know what they don’t know.

“Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World” KAET PBS Television Channel 8, on March 6th, 2014, at 10:30 PM MST.


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