The First Tweetinar – The Big Picture, Part 1 of 2

I love performing seminars all over the country.  I do 1/2 day seminars, full day seminars and even 2 day seminars on Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Creative Thinking, and Innovation.  I also love social media, especially Twitter.  So I thought…

What if I combined the two?  What if I took all the great content I had from my social media seminars and sent them out as a continuous stream of tweets?  So I did!

On February 1st I launched my first Tweetinar, “Social Media – The BIG Picture” based on Part One of my book.  This “Tweetinar” delivered social media insights three times a day, five days a week at 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and ran all the way through March 9th.  There were more than 120 separate social media insights!

On March 10th, I launched my biggest Tweetinar yet!  “The Five Steps To Social Media Success”, based on Part Three of my book and contains more than 320 separate tweets!

If you missed any of my first Tweetinar I will share those social media insights with you in each of two, bloginars.  The first 60+ social media insights are below.  Be sure to RSS this blog or check back soon for the final 60 tweets to complete your Social Media – The BIG Picture bloginar.  Also remember to follow my tweets for more social media insights and the biggest Tweetinar yet!.

• If you want to know how to sell to your customers…  Ask them!  They’ll tell you!

• Use social media to ask your customers and prospects how to sell them.

• Who better can tell you how to sell your customers than your customers…  Your marketing department?  Your agency?

• Bill Marriott blogs because his customers tell him what theyre doing right & what they’re doing wrong so they can stop!

• Before you launch a social campaign have a logical integrated strategy. Define your goals, conversions, measurement.

• Create a strategy first!  Then determine the tools you will use to implement that strategy.

• Social media marketing is about first and foremost, building trust.  You never buy something from someone you don’t trust.

• Even when social media fails, just like conventional marketing, you always have brand awareness as the default ROI.

• Social media builds trust.  Trust sells.  Have you ever bought a used car from someone that you don’t rust?

• Social media builds your brand while your prospect is moving through the sales funnel to the buying decision.

• By building brand and being engaged, they will buy when the time is right.

• Trouble understanding social media, focus on the Trinity of Social Media, blogging, microblogging, & social networks.

•Whether it’s blogging, microblogging, or social networks, it all comes down to good content!  The “I Didn’t Know That” factor!

•Being “limited” to 140 characters is not a drawback.

• The “psychology behind the technology” says, that 140 characters is why Twitter is so effective!

• Mark Twain once said “I apologize for the length of the correspondence, given more time, it would have been shorter.”

• Given more time, you would have made the content more succinct, more to the point.

• You can comprehend any 140 character message in 5 seconds or less.

• When measuring followers, fans, readers, it’s not so much about the size of your list, it’s about the quality of your list.

• Will your followers respond to your requests?  Of the 10,000 followers you have, how many would help you move?

• If you want the latest news, updates, and information about your industry, follow the leaders!

• Follow legislators, engineers, sales people, CEO’s, thought leaders, and influencers.

• Your web page is extremely important, but is becoming irrelevant, because of the “Fundamental Shift In Power”!

• The power is shifting from media and marketing companies and departments to consumer conversations.

• People follow you because YOU have intelligent things to share with your audience, customers, and prospects (don’t you?!)

• Please don’t tweet me that you’re having bacon with your eggs, your plane is 10 minutes late, or you’re playing with your kitty on the bed.  I will unfollow you!

• If you are going to use social media for both business and personal… separate your accounts!  You don’t talk to clients the same way you speak to your friends at the bar.

• Relationships are built on tweets. Tweets lead to email, email to Skype, Skype, email face to face.

• If I’m following you for business reasons…  I want business content!  Good Business Content!  Don’t waste my time or the time of your other followers.

• When I read your tweet, I have to “spend” something on it… Time!  Make it worth the time I spent or I won’t read them anymore.

• Your content has to have equal or greater value than the time your customers and prospects have to spend to comprehend it.

• Is this not true for these tweets?  Is the content here worth the time it took for your to read them?

• If your content is worth the time to comprehend it, Your competition looses!  You WIN!

• With more than 525 million members on Facebook, your customers

• Your prospect will check you out on Facebook and find something you have in common.

• Isn’t it true that you start most business conversations with the weather or where ya from?

• If you and your prospect grew up in the same town, went to the same college, or both like antique cars…  You win!

• Commonality builds trust.  Trust sells.

• Before I work with anyone, I look at their LinkedIn profile.

• If they have no profile, I know they’re stuck in the ‘90s!

• If their profile is incomplete, that tells me something about them.

• LinkedIn is also like “SIx Degrees Of Separation Of Kevin Bacon”  Read here:

• LinkedIn is based on John D. Barrow, professor of mathematical sciences at Cambridge University, England.

• LinkedIn is based on Barrow’s theory that everyone on earth is connected by 6 relationships or less.

• Are you “On the grid”, in Second Life?  17,000,000 other are!  Are your customers?  Your Prospects?

• Second Life while looking like a 3D video game…  It’s not.

• Second Life is an 3D virtual environment where you can meet people from all around the world, hold meetings, make presentations.

• The cartoon characters that represent actual people in SL are called avatars.

• Relating to avatars in Second Life is like how you related to James Cammeron’s avatars in his movie

• You somehow “bond” to the other avatars in SL and forget they are representations of real people.

• Unlike video games Second Life isn’t where you shoot the other characters.  That’s a “first person shooter”.

• As social media grows more popular on a global scale we need to know GMT to schedule meetings.  Phoenix is GMT-7

• On Line Gaming…  MMORPG.  Massively Multi-player On-Line Role Playing Game.

• Two of the largest are World Of Warcraft with 17 million players and Halo 3 with 16 million players.

• H.P. McDonald’s, and Coke all participate in “in-game-advertising”.

Be sure to check out Part Two for the remaining social media insights!

Lon Safko

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