The Second Tweetinar – The Five Steps To Social Media Success, Part 1 of 6

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• Social media isn’t just having a Facebook page and sending out a few tweets.

• Social media means adding these tools into an integrated & comprehensive overall strategy.

• I get often get asked “Should I be doing social media marketing?” Remove the words “social media” and ask that again.

• I also get asked ‘How much should I spend on social media marketing?” Again, remove “social media” and ask again.

• Social media is nothing more than technology that allows us to create a two-way conversation.

• It’s always been the dream of salespeople everywhere to engage their prospects in a two-way conversation.

• Social Media has brought about a “Fundamental Shift In Power”.

• The control of our corporate messages has been shifted from us, the corporation to our consumers.

• For the last 6,000 years since selling our goats in the desert, our message has been “push” marketing.

• For the very first time in history, our message has to become a two-way conversation.

• We now must shift from “pontificate” to “communicate”!

• Our prospects now turn to our customers through social networks to find out what they really think about our companies.

• It’s our customers that are controlling our corporate message.

• Your web site is extremely important and irrelevant!

• You need to have and SEO tuned web site to be found when your prospects are looking.

• Our prospects don’t believe our corporate rhetoric any longer.

• Our customers aren’t listening to us, they are listening to each other.

• Prospects turn to customers for personal recommendations through social networks.

• Would you rather believe a corporate web site or someone who’s done business with that company.

• We can not just “do” social media, we need to embrace it!

• All major news television networks, radio stations, and newspapers are feeling this shift from their message to the Internet.

• The “news” has once again become less biased and delivered by the cyber-citizen.

• The news now finds us, on our mobile phones, in our email, on our web pages.

• It’s less likely to have the “left slant of CNN or the “right” slant of Fox.

• On July 19th, Amazon reported selling more ebooks than hardcover books!

• On Jan 27th Amazon reported for every 100 paperback books sold, they sold 115 ebooks!

• In Dec ’09 the FTC pass regulations on blogger to make known when they are getting paid from a company to blog.

• The FTC has extended their “Truth In Advertising” to the bloggosphere.

• While the FTC’s blogger guidelines are good, Will Roger’s said “Thank God we don’t get all of the government we pay for!”

• Transparent, Authentic, and Sincere… The FTC is requiring it!

• Mommy bloggers have to announce when they get paid or receive products.

• The FTC makes us openly distingue between a blog and an advitorial.

• TIVO is a great example of our customers controlling our message.

• We are willing to layout hard earned post-tax dollars to buy technology to REMOVE your message.

• Peer perspective it much more important than your corporate perspective.

• The first step in developing a social media strategy is understanding this fundamental shift.

• Another realization is that these conversations are “Word Of Mouth At The Speed Of Light”!

• Pre-social media, a happy customer would tell 9 people, an unhappy customer would tell 20.

• Today, an unhappy customer could tell 200,000 people and do it at the speed of light!

• Here’s the actual Fives Steps to developing a successful social media marketing strategy.

• Step 1: Analyze Your Existing Media.

• Step 2: Understand The Trinity Of Social Media.

• Step 3: Integrate these two types of marketing strategies.

• Step 4: Identify Your Existing Resources.

• Step 5: Implement And Measure.

• Use a white board or yellow pad for Step 1.

• Step 1: For the last 12 months, Identify all of your existing media mediums, minus social media.

• Look at print ads, direct mail, TV, radio, trade shows, trade journals, billboards, telephone, everything.

• Determine all of your expenses for each; copy, postage, stuffing, labor, creative, etc.

• Be sure to add in ALL of your time, your rent, your cell phone, your Internet, ALL of your expenses.

• Now, carefully identify the numbers of new customers each campaign brought in.

• Simply divide the number of new customers for each by the total expense to determine your “Cost Of Customer Acquisition”.

• Most companies have no idea what their Cost of Customer Acquisition. It will scare and make you sad!

• COCA Examples are: Sprint PCS: $315, Nextel: $430, Barnes& $9.80, Amazon: $29, Magazines: $48.

• Others: XM Satellite Radio: $123, Cable: $150, Direct Satellite: $400, DirecTV: $550, Automobile: $230.

• More: TD Waterhouse: $175, Ameritrade: $202, E-Trade: $272, Platinum Credit Card: $150, RV’s: $900.

• We also call this number the ROI (Return On Investment) and Expense verses Conversion.

• The idea of this exercise is to determine what’s working and what’s not!

• If you are getting a good ROI or COCA, then keep doing it.  If not… Then STOP!

• If you never look at these numbers, you will never know where you are wasting your time and money!

• Define what your conversion actually means. It’s not just sales!

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