The Social Media Bible – October Update

As promised, I am keeping you up to date on the progress of The SMB book design and launch.  We have had some incredible additions to the Executive Conversations, we’ve nearly completed the book cover design, and still have a great deal of opportunity for you to participate and contribute your insights to the design and content of The SMB!

Executive Interviews
Expert Insights

A special thank you to all of those who have participated in the Expert Insights, Executive Conversations. These podcast conversations with industry giants has brought an incredible array of fascinating insights. We added quite a few new names to the already impressive list of participants for you to listen to.

One interesting conversation I recorded this week was with Mark Kingdon, the CEO of Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life virtual world. In addition to the great conversation was that it took place in Second Life; in The Social Media Bible Garden. This interview actually made CNN News this week. Check out the podcast, video, and great photographs of that event.

Please take a moment to listen to these amazing people as they share their incredible industry insights. Conversations since the last update:

  • Peter Booth Wiley, Chairman of the Board, of John Wiley & Sons Publishing
  • Mark Kingdon, CEO, Linden Labs, Second Life Virtual World
  • Adam Broitman, Crayon Marketing, Director of Strategy and Ringleader
  • Biz Stone, Cofounder, Twitter
  • George Strompolos – Content Partnerships Manager For YouTube
  • Jody Gnant – Livecaster, Community Marketing, & Musician
  • John Pollard – Founder & CEO of Jott
  • Kakul Srivastava, General Manager of Yahoo!’s Flickr
  • Francine Hardaway – Founder of Stealthmode Partners
  • Michael Gerber – Author of “The E-Myth” And Entrepreneur Advocate
  • Patrizio Spagnoletto, Senior Director of Marketing Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Rishi Chandra – Product Manager For Google Enterprise
  • Stephanie Ichinose – Director Of Communications For Yelp

The Complete List of Conversations

Absolutely amazing, thank you!

The SMB Book Cover
Final Design (Almost)

The SMB book cover design is nearly complete. JW&S’s creative department has chosen a high-end silver-metallic cover stock with neon yellow-green accents. The only remaining design element yet to be decided on is the image / logo.

If you have an idea for what type of image should represent The SMB book, please suggest it. If your idea is chosen you will be given design credit in the book!

Still Available

There are still some opportunities to contribute and participate in The SMB. I am looking for a few individuals who can provide expertise in an interview and with technical edits in: Social Networks, Web Page Design, Forums, Blogs, Wiki, Photo Share, Audio Share, Livecasting, Virtual Worlds, Gaming, Applications, Aggregaters, RSS, SEO, Mobil, and Interpersonal.

So if you have any of these expertise or know someone who does, please contact me and participate in The Social Media Bible!

Thank you all again for your contributions, participation, and support!

Lon Safko – The Voice Of Soical Media

Lon LIVE !