The Social Media Bible – Ten Commandments

As coauthor of the Social Media Bible, I was asked “What are the Ten Commandments” of Social Media?”  So here they are!

  1. Thou Shalt Blog (like crazy).
  2. Thou Shalt Create Profiles (everywhere).
  3. Thou Shalt Upload Photos (lots of them).
  4. Thou Shalt Upload Videos (all you can).
  5. Thou Shalt Podcast (often).
  6. Thou Shalt Set Alerts (immediately).
  7. Thou Shalt Comment (on a multitude of blogs).
  8. Thou Shalt Explore Social Media (to out find what tools are right for you).
  9. Thou Shalt Spend 30 minutes per week (at the very minimum).
  10. Thou Shalt Be Creative (go forth and create creatively)!

And on the seventh day, take a day of rest…

Lon Safko

Lon LIVE !