The Social Media Book Survey Results Are In

The Social Media Book Survey results are in and finally available for download!

Thank you for your patience through this process and especially for participating in the first of two steps in development of the Social Media Book Project.Familiar With Social Media

As we begun working on the Social Media Book Project we realized that we were onto something bigger than the standard 250-page business book that most publishers punch out by the hundreds. The feedback and level of participation in the initial survey was more than double and nearly triple the usual participation Content Connections sees when they survey a standard business book idea. We had nearly 1,000 people assist us in the creation of this new book so far!

As a result of your overwhelming participation, the Social Media Book has grown into The Social Media Bible. This can very well be a fully comprehensive guide to all things Social Media with a page count that could exceed 600 pages. We have also received support and participation from Chris Heuer, Founder of the Social Media Clubs world-wide, Robert Scoble, Famous Microsoft Blogger, Marc Canter, Founder of Macromedia (Flash), Pat Sullivan, Founder of ACT contact management software, John Pollard, Founder Jott, and Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress only to name a few.

Please follow the link below to sign-up and download your Social Media Book Survey Executive Summary.

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You will find that many of the results are somewhat surprising. The most notable insight I found was that 66.51% of the respondents were not able to define what Social Media (or Web 2.0) was, while 99.0% felt that Social Media would impact them and their businesses. That’s a huge disparity. In other words the survey showed that 2/3 of all business people surveyed know something is coming, knew it will affect them and their business, but doesn’t know what it is!

Another interesting statistic was that 88.5% of those surveyed said that either they knew their competitors were using Social Media or they weren’t sure… Is your competition using Social Media?

Next week I will give you the opportunity to participate again, in the final survey that will determine the design of this book. The MOA or Market Opportunity Analysis will ask questions such as; “What do you think the name of the book should be?”, “How well do you like the Table Of Contents (TOC)?”, “What’s missing from the TOC?”, and other questions that will guide the course of the books development. The survey should only take about 20 minutes and if all goes according to plan, you will be helping us write history.

If you are curious about what Social Media is and want to learn more, please check out “Products” in the menu bar. I have just released my New Two Audio CD Set – Social Media, The Impact On You And Your Business.

Normally this set is $49, but while this blog is active they will be available for only $29. Also, be sure to see my Home-Page News-Roll and other Blogs. I am releasing a few of the case studies and definitions during the development of the book to help my viewers understand what Social Media is and how it will impact them and their businesses.

There are a couple of really good anecdotes that show how other companies are successfully using Social Media in their business. Check out the “Subway vs. Quizno’s”, and “Will It Blend” blogs and videos. The Will It Blend video is really funny and has had more than 3,000,000 potential customer views! What would you pay to have 3,000,000 of your potential customer view your 1 1/2 minute commercial?

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