The World’s First Book On Social Media Using Social Media

DeclarationWow! We’ve launched the survey site that is the first design step in the creation of The World’s First Book On Social Media Using Social Media! I am proud to say that we have some outstanding people that have already agreed to participate in this history-making event. People like Chris Heuer, the Founder of The Social Media Clubs Worldwide, Robert Scoble, the Famous Microsoft Blogger and “Scoble-izer”, Pat Sullivan, the Creator of ACT Contact Management Software, and even Marc Cantor, the Founder and Creator of Macromedia, and FLASH!I am getting ready to begin write the definitive book series on Social Media, the first of which is Social Media, How It Will Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line. What’s even more important… I want to collaborate with you!

Participate In History

For the first time we will be producing a book on Social Media using Social Media; By The People, For The People. I want to invite you to take the short survey and tell us what you would like to see in this groundbreaking book. Your input is important to me and to the success of this book.There are some prizes at the end and as always, I promise that your personal information will remain confidential. I do hope to put the names of everyone who contributes to this work in the book as a contributing author. I am also positioning this book to be placed in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. as it will be the first of its kind!
If your business isn’t incorporating Social Media into your strategy plan, it will certainly be impacted by others who are embracing the strategic use of Social Media. As we continue to develop this project you will be invited to become part of an interconnected global advisory panel. Think of this as “collaboration” on steroids. The bottom line is that the first of these books will be the FIRST book ever published using a Social Media strategy as part of the content development process. You can become part of the panel by indicating your interest within the survey. If you know anyone who should be part of this historic event, please pass this along to anyone who knows about or wants to know about How Social Media WIll Effect Them!

Help Us Write History!

Thank you in advance for sharing your perspective.

Lon Safko
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