Trust Sells

Sales Are caused by a trust in the brand, a trust in the relationship it promises, and often a trust in either the person representing that brand or people who have had a good experience with that brand.  So…  It all comes down to people who rep or people who use.IGWT Dollar

Social media provides easy to use, fun, platforms that allow those relationships to cultivate.  Just by being where your customers and prospects are, you create the opportunity to connect.  Whether it’s Face book with the 1.23 billion people, or Twitter with it’s 232 million people, or LinkedIn with its 259 million people, it’s all the same; people interacting with other people.  Social media provides opportunity where people can connect.  Connections and interactions build trust.  Trust leads to revenue.  You never buy anything from someone you don’t trust.  You never buy anything from a brand you don’t trust.  If you don’t have a relationship with the brand you want to buy from, you find others who have bought the brand, developed trust, and that trust carries over.  Trust sells.

Social media leads to relationships, relationships lead to trust, trust leads to revenue.

Lon Safko

Lon Safko, Keynote, trainer, The Social Media Bible, The Fusion Marketing Bible, marketing, bestselling author

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