Number Of Keywords Vs. Conversion Rates

Keyword Sales ChartAs promised, whenever I find information that will help you and your business through Creative Marketing, eMail Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing, I’ll pass it along. I recently came across this study done by Oneupweb and presented as part of a Master’s Thesis. I found the results interesting and thought your web site’s search engine optimization could benefit from it.

In 2005, Oneupweb conducted a study to determine if the number of keywords in a search query was related to conversion rates. The hypothesis was that the longer the keyword string, the higher the conversion rate. They focused their study on data generated by natural or organic search engine results listings, not sponsored listings or pay-per-click advertising. (Remember the exercise in our SEO/SEM Conference that one key word would fit into 100 sentences, two key words together would only fit in 10, and three keywords together would only be appropriate in one sentence?) (more…)

Hand At KeyboardeMarketing Requirements for Search Engine Marketing – Printed with permission from Frank Fiore.

A little over a year and half ago, I wrote an article for InformIT entitled “Is Your IT Staff Giving You the Business”. Briefly, the article took the position that the online channel should be treated like any other marketing channel; it should be planned, designed, and marketed by business people, leaving the building of the infrastructure to the IT staff. Not the other way around. The article created quite a stir and the discussion board was hot with debate. Business people and IT professional took sides and had at it. (more…)

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