International Perspective On The Global Community

Everybody talks about participating in a global economy, global community, and the Worldwide Web, but how many social media experts and eMarketers really know anything about what’s going on outside of the United States?

Every blog, every post, every article I read is only about what’s happening here in the States.  We are extremely U.S.-Centric, and if we are truly going to compete and sell in a global community, then all of the “experts” should pay a little more attention to our worldwide social partners.Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to perform two day advanced digital marketing masterclasses around the world.  I have taught in Singapore (2), Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia (2), Shanghai – China, Dubai  – AEU (2), Milan – Italy, Puerto Vallarta – Mexico, Arnhem – Netherlands, and Hyderabad – India.  My attendees were executives from the largest companies in those countries along with delegates representing large government agencies such as Department of Tourism, finance, and their executive offices. (more…)

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Best Practices To Improving Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

e$The power of five is something that was researched by the people at Future Now (Future Now – ROI, 2006). Future Now helps traditional companies increase the effectiveness of their sales force and their eCommerce conversion rates. Understanding the concept can be very rewarding and has great value. There are ten business metrics, or operating measurements, an eTailer must track to measure the on-line performance: (more…)

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Number Of Keywords Vs. Conversion Rates

Keyword Sales ChartAs promised, whenever I find information that will help you and your business through Creative Marketing, eMail Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing, I’ll pass it along. I recently came across this study done by Oneupweb and presented as part of a Master’s Thesis. I found the results interesting and thought your web site’s search engine optimization could benefit from it.

In 2005, Oneupweb conducted a study to determine if the number of keywords in a search query was related to conversion rates. The hypothesis was that the longer the keyword string, the higher the conversion rate. They focused their study on data generated by natural or organic search engine results listings, not sponsored listings or pay-per-click advertising. (Remember the exercise in our SEO/SEM Conference that one key word would fit into 100 sentences, two key words together would only fit in 10, and three keywords together would only be appropriate in one sentence?) (more…)

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Is Your Email List Dirty

I didn’t think mine was.

I have been actively email marketing for nearly a decade.  I have been systematically building my lists for that same amount of time.  When I email market, I follow all of the rules.  I am very familiar with all of the requirements of the 2004 Can Spam Act.  My list is a double opt in list meaning, every name on the list voluntarily signed up and agreed a second time before being placed on the list.

I open every email with “Mailing information, including how to remove yourself, is located at the end of this message.”  I show the name of my list, which helps the recipient know what our relationship is based on, my personal email address so they could contact me with any questions, instructions on how to remove themselves from my list, an “Unsubscribe” link,  my physical address, and even my entire “Privacy Policy” right there in the email! (more…)

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Spam Is Inconsistent

Last evening my cell phone rang during dinner, which is unusual as I mostly use it for business and business hours on both coasts were closed for the day.  Immediately after my salutation I realized that I was captured by a telemarketer.  How did they get my cell phone telephone number so they could solicit to me during dinner?

I thought about it during her long winded and well rehearsed “shpeel”* and remembered that I had been out of the office for most of the day and placed my office phone on forward to my cell phone.  For a moment I felt relieved because I really didn’t want to start getting telemarketers continuously trying to sell me their stuff on my cell phone. (more…)

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Email Checklist to Success

ChecklistHere is your Email “Checklist to Success” for your email marketing campaigns!

By now you know that email marketing is still one of the most successful ways to market on the Internet, giving you the greatest ROI (Return On Investment), while providing you with the highest possible conversion rate.

Just follow the few simple rules and concepts we discussed in our “Success Strategies for Internet and Email Marketing” and our “Search Engine
Optimization Best Practices in SEO and SEM” conferences and you be emailing with success! (more…)

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What Is A Trademark

TrademarkA trademark is a sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from those of other enterprises. Any distinctive words, letters, numerals, drawings,pictures, shapes, colors logotypes, labels or combinations used to distinguish goods or services may be considered a trademark. In some countries, advertising slogans are also considered trademarks and may be registered as such at national trademark offices. An increasing number of countries also allow for the registration of less traditional forms of trademarks such as single colors, three dimensional designs [shapes of products or packaging], audible signs [sounds] or of factory signs [smells]. (more…)

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Trust Sells

Sales Are caused by a trust in the brand, a trust in the relationship it promises, and often a trust in either the person representing that brand or people who have had a good experience with that brand.  So…  It all comes down to people who rep or people who use. (more…)

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Social Media / Traditional Media Throw-Down


Social media marketing is by definition, a world-wide marketing concept, while traditional marketing is has always been regional.  Whether it’s a town, city, state, or nationwide, it’s still always defined by a geographic area.  Where social media marketing is by default is worldwide thanks to the world wide web (www). (more…)

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A Virtual Presence-tation

Even though the economy getting better, the corporate hatchet people are still going after the training and education budgets.  Honestly, when times are the  difficult do you really think this is the best time to attack morale and eliminate necessary training? (more…)

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